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The Science Behind Medicinal Arts Productions (MAP)

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Each year thousands of seniors are forced to leave the familiarity of their home due to physical and mental decline, and move to long-term care facilities. They may be leaving behind friends, family, pets, or something as simple as their favorite chair or cookware. These large shifts away from familiar surroundings, in combination with decreased independence can lead to feelings of depression or withdrawal.

Music and the arts are powerful tools that can evoke emotion, bring back memories, promote physical activity, and improve quality of life. They can also provide an alternate means of communication for those that may have lost their voices due to cognitive deficits, Alzheimer's, dementia, or stroke.

MAP takes the healing benefits of the arts and brings it to your residents through live musical performance, art programs, and wellness programs. While your residents are singing along, clapping, and interacting, a variety of neurological concepts come into action that can help improve mood, brain function, and mobility. Extensive research has shown that music, movement, and social interaction light up multiple areas of the brain and can help form new neuronal (nerve) pathways.

Who would think that something so fun and simple can lead to such complex neurological results?

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