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MAP's Beginnings

Updated: Feb 17, 2021

Medicinal Arts Productions (MAP) was formed by healthcare providers and artists during the COVID pandemic. During this time it became apparent that there was a gap in employment opportunities for musicians, as well as less opportunities for seniors to engage in social activity. MAP was formed to help bridge those gaps and to bring more livelihood and opportunity to both groups.

While MAP is active throughout Hampton Roads, we are proud to call Virginia Beach our home. We pay homage to our roots in our logo, in which the waves represent the "M" and the "A" in MAP, as well as the waves of our beaches. We will always be Virginia Beach Strong!!! <3

MAP was also formed as a "one-stop shop" for quality entertainment for seniors. We understand that as an activities coordinator, you have a busy schedule. We also understand that you want reliable, quality entertainment for your residents.

MAP also understands that as an artist, you may not want to handle the details of your bookings, etc. We also understand that during these times gigs are harder to come by.

We are here to help! MAP was formed with artists, seniors, and activities coordinators in mind. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Here at MAP we take COVID restrictions very seriously. We follow current CDC guidelines, as well as the specific guidelines of each assistive living facility to help ensure the health of the seniors, as well as our performers. All of our entertainment is provided at a safe distance, and all entertainers are screened for COVID symptoms prior to performing (per the assistive living facilities' and CDC guidelines).

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